About Handdyed

Handdyed was established by Charlotte Spagner in 2016.

We are located in Bælum, a small village situated 30 miles south of Aalborg. We have a dyeing workshop and an office on our former country estate, where we have repurposed the barn buildings for this purpose.

When it comes to setting up the dyeing workshop and the entire dyeing process, it has been important for me to incorporate energy-efficient solutions, among other things.

All the electricity used for dyeing yarn, drying yarn, and more, comes from our solar panels.

The dyes we use are approved and free of heavy metals. The recipes for the various colors are calculated in a way that the yarn absorbs almost all of the dye, allowing the water to be used multiple times without releasing any excess dye into wastewater.

We exclusively dye yarn that is not superwash treated, and we strive to ensure that the yarn is organic to the extent possible in the given quality.

We dye on demand. This means that we don’t maintain a large inventory of colored yarn in colors that may be difficult to sell. Furthermore, it means that we always have all our qualities available in all our colors in the online shop.


Martha has been employed since 2020 and is primarily responsible for dyeing yarn. She is extremely talented and knows the color recipes inside and out.

When Martha is not dyeing yarn, she enjoys spending time with her dog and cat, playing volleyball, and much more.

Lise Lotte

Lise Lotte was hired in the summer of 2021 when we opened our physical store in Aalborg. During the store’s opening period, Lise Lotte served as the store manager and also handled the accounting.

Lise Lotte continues to manage our accounting with expertise and is responsible for writing knitting patterns, managing the website/webshop, and much more.


Emilie is our eldest daughter. She is currently studying medicine in Aalborg. I am fortunate that she volunteers as a model for photographing our knitting designs. Furthermore, she often steps in to assist with yarn dyeing when we are busy.


My name is Charlotte Spagner, and I am the fortunate owner of Handdyed.dk.

I live on a small former country estate in North Jutland with my husband and four children. I originally trained as a medical doctor, and I worked as one for about 10 years. I have always had a keen interest in handicrafts, and a few years ago, I transitioned from my medical career to focus on handicrafts.

Over the years, I have engaged in a wide range of crafts, including plant dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, and more. I have been dyeing my own yarn for many years, primarily for personal use. Since the summer of 2016, I have been working full-time on yarn dyeing and conducting courses.

I have set up a dyeing workshop in our outbuildings, allowing me to work from home while tending to our animals and extensive kitchen garden. We strive to live as sustainably and organically as possible.

Consequently, we are mostly self-sufficient with meat, eggs, honey, and vegetables. During the season, we enjoy our own fruits, nuts, and berries.