Bulky Bubbles

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Our delightful “Bulky Bubbles” consists of 50% superfine alpaca and 50% highland wool and has a yardage of 80 metres/100g.

Recommended knitting needles: 8 – 12 mm. (7-11 stitches/10cm)

Yardage 80m/100g.

Sold in bundles of 100g.

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Bulky Bubbles
Bulky Bubbles 250,00 kr. 200,00 kr.

Achieve a hand-spun look with this delightful and playful yarn quality. “Bulky Bubbles” is spun in a way that evenly distributes small “bubbles” throughout the yarn, giving it a lovely expression when knitted up.

We imagine that “Bulky Bubbles” would be excellent for accessories like hats, mittens, and scarves, as well as for adding delicate effects such as stripes and borders – of course, you could also go “all-in” and knit a super luxurious chunky sweater.

50% superfine alpaca + 50% highland wool.

Yardage 80 meters/100 g.

We recommend knitting needles 8 – 12 mm.
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OBS. Please note that the yarn is hand dyed and dyed in small batches, the colors may vary.

Product information:
– Content: 50% superfine alpaca and 50% highland wool.
– weight: 100g.
– Yardage: 80 meter/100g.
– Gauge: 7-11 stitches/10 cm.
– Recommended knitting needles: 8 – 12 mm.
– Washing instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water with wool soap. Lay flat to dry.
– More information: Non-superwashed, hand-dyed.

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