Interchangeable Rotatable Wire KnitPro

45,00 kr.

KnitPro rotatable stainless steel interchangeable cord with 360 degree ball joint in the transition between needle tip and wire.

Interchangeable Rotatable Wire KnitPro
Interchangeable Rotatable Wire KnitPro 45,00 kr.

KnitPro rotatable wire to fit KnitPro interchangeable needle tips. The wire rotates at the join, which allows your knitting to turn freely and avoid twisting. Each wire comes with 2 end pieces and a small metal hook for tightening. The thightening hook is inserted into a small hole in the tip, and makes it easier to tighten the tip and wire together without damaging them.
The length of the wire include the needle tips.
KnitPro is a unique system with loose needle tips in different sizes, combined with interchangeable wire in different lengths. This means that they can easily be combined crosswise, so you get exactly the size/length of circular needle you need. It is easy to fasten the needle tips onto the wire, and assembly is completely smooth, so you get a good flow when knitting. Remember to also buy needle tips in the size you need.
NOTE that 40 cm wire must be combined with short needle tips, otherwise the tips will be too long to join the work to knit in the round.

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