Hama beads

18,00 kr.27,00 kr.

Hama plastic beads 5 mm.

Fits a crochet hook size 1.5 mm if used for knitting.

Bag of approx. 1000 pieces

Hama beads
Hama beads 18,00 kr.27,00 kr.

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Apricot, Azure blue, Teddy bear yellow, Beige, Blue, Plum, Bordeaux, Bronze, Brown, Cerise, Cream, Eucalyptus, Flour. green, Grey, Green, Yellow, Gold, White, Christmas red, Kit, Purple, Light blue, Light peach, Light nougat, Light brown, Light grey, Light green, Matte pink, Dark grey, Dark green, Neon blue, Neon fuchsia, Neon green, Neon yellow, Neon orange, Neon red, Nougat, Olive, Orange, Pastel blue, Pastel green, Pastel yellow, Pastel iceblue, Pastel purple, Pastel mint, Pastel pink, Pastel red, Pastel rose, Pastel lilac, Mother of pearl, Petrol, Pink, Red, Reddish brown, Luminous green, Luminous red, Forest green, Silver, Black, Striped mix, Striped mix1, Striped mix2, Turquoise, Wine red